Priti Kotecha is a fully-qualified Svaroopa® Yoga teacher and Embodyment® Therapist offering group classes, individual yoga lessons and individual therapy sessions for treating pain.

The Lotus Yoga Centre is situated in leafy-green Kenmore Hills making for a beautiful and tranquil setting for the practice of yoga and meditation. The centre is air-conditioned.

  • Beginning and continuing classes
  • Yoga therapy for treating pain and Embodyment Yoga Therapy
  • Half day workshops
  • Gentle yoga
  • Chair yoga


I started Yoga at the Lotus Yoga Centre in 2006 and although an intermittent student, it has changed my life forever.

Svaroopa® Yoga is special and so is the space. For me, who lives and works in a hectic world, it is a time of peace, reflection and movement.

Priti has guided my tense body into a more supple me. I fought it every inch of the way initially but now I can see that my body retains memory of my yoga poses and I have “given in” to support with pillows and blankets in my day to day life at home.

I wish I had more time to go and share the joy and bliss that I find in each session.

– Deborah Tabart OAM

Attending Priti’s yoga classes at the sacred ‘Lotus Yoga Centre’ space has given me everything that Svaroopa® Yoga promises: the release of deep tension and the ability to live with openness, ease and bliss, independent of the challenges of daily life.

– Jane Hollins

I have been practising Svaroopa for three years and my wife, Chris has been practising for 10. We have tried several types of yoga and while we have benefited from them all, we can defiantly say that Svaroopa® Yoga has been the best for us.

We love the gentle way that Svaroopa® Yoga releases muscle tension by correcting the spine and opens our breathing space. The yoga is great, however the support, guidance and teachings, we receive from Priti, make the experience even more rewarding. We travel across Brisbane every Saturday morning and our yoga practise is a wonderful way to start the weekend.

Svaroopa means ‘the bliss of your own being’ and this sums up perfectly how we feel after our practice. Whenever we visit the Lotus Centre for yoga, open days or workshops we are greeted with positive energy and made to feel very welcome.

– Terry Hohns

I have been doing Svaroopa® Yoga with Priti for many years.

My first experience with another teacher was not encouraging and I did not think that it would be on my list of things to do! However, doing yoga with Priti has proved to be one of the very best experiences of my life.

Priti is a very good teacher who puts you at your ease and works  with you where your body is at, thereby allowing for the body to open to new potential and ongoing expansion.

Much like the lotus, after which her centre is aptly named in a very pleasant environment at Kenmore Hills.

The supported postures can be adapted for all body types and the relaxation is most beneficial for your mind and body.

I would highly recommend learning Svaroopa® yoga with Priti Kotecha at the Lotus Yoga Centre.

– Lyn Mclennen

I have attended yoga classes before but without noticeable benefit, but since starting Priti’s classes in 2013, in the very pleasant environment of the Lotus Yoga Centre at Kenmore, the benefits have been very noticeable!

I feel stronger, more flexible, and can do a lot more physically, which is wonderful as I have musculoskeletal problems.  I find Svaroopa® Yoga heals my body and is very calming and peaceful, so it helps me as well in my own personal growth. After each class it is as if weight has been lifted from me and I feel light and very well balanced.

Priti is an excellent teacher with a passionate commitment to yoga and extensive knowledge, and with the care & attention she gives to all her students, I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone wishing to learn Svaroopa Yoga.

– Margaret Sivell

As I drive down the driveway to the Lotus Yoga centre, the peaceful setting invokes a mood that sits at the opposite end of the spectrum from ‘busy’ and ‘rushed’. In this gentle Svaroopa® yoga class Priti directs your attention to being AWARE of your body and then allowing it to SOFTEN into the pose, thereby achieving relaxation of tense muscles and enhanced flexibility. There are no forced stretches or extreme postures, just the utilisation of body friendly poses, which Priti is highly attuned to optimising with individualised props and supports to ensure there is no strain or pain. Oh, and I love the relaxation that starts the class – it’s an ever-evolving experience.

– Jo Minto

I have had some wonderful experiences learning Svaroopa yoga with Priti Kotecha. She is a very knowledgeable, patient and has this marvellous ability to create a peaceful calming environment in which to conduct her classes. I have always felt completely relaxed and at the same time full of energy on finishing a class with her.

The Lotus Yoga centre is set up perfectly within a beautiful manicured garden adjacent to her home at Brookfield.  It is surrounded by shrubs and trees which creates a tranquil environment. Overall a very positive experience is to be had by all Yogis at this lovely establishment.

– Nicky Moloney

I think you are a wonderful and gentle teacher, with heaps of insight and awareness, for instance when I am not comfortable in a certain posture, and even if I have not informed you, you come and add a extra prop or if I am cold, you are covering with blanket, these gestures touch my heart and make me realize your passion. I appreciate the extra inputs form you, such as things to eat that are beneficial and natural remedies.  I like the simplicity and relaxed manner you take us through, and after finishing yoga, my aches and pains vanish, which means the tension has been released, without me making so much effort. Thank you for this wonderful experience.

– Bharti Gitaya

Yoga at Priti’s is always a wonderful and peaceful experience. She is a competent, compassionate and considerate teacher that caters for yogis at any level of their journey. The ambience and beautiful energy at the Lotus Yoga Centre leaves me feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and re-aligned.

Thank you Priti for providing a safe, nurturing and inviting environment whilst sharing your knowledge and expertise in the Svaroopa style of yoga

– Manuela