IMG_0967Priti Kotecha is a fully qualified Svaroopa® yoga teacher residing in Brisbane, based at Lotus Yoga Centre Kenmore Hills, Brookfield. She runs yoga classes and half day workshops, and seeing private clients on regular basis.

Priti was born in Mumbai India and migrated to Brisbane Australia in 1975. Over the years her genuine human compassion and medical background in Occupational therapy has seen her undertake a number of roles in helping children with various disabilities. During a Disabled Youth Empowerment Camp she sustained a severe back injury, which hospitalized her for six weeks, and continued to suffer from back pain. She tried various modalities to heal this including different styles of yoga with out any success.

Priti heard through a friend of a Yoga teacher who had been to USA and was teaching totally different style of yoga (Svaroopa® Yoga) which concentrated on releasing spinal tension and was assured that it would help with her back pain. She started classes in 1998 and within 4 weeks her chronic back pain eased. She attended classes twice a week from then on.

In 2000 her teacher invited the Founder of Svaroopa® Yoga to Brisbane, Australia, to teach the Foundations and Anatomy courses. Priti took time off work and attended both the courses. Her colleges were impressed by the change in her that they formed a group and started coming to Priti for a class. Her love of teaching thus began!!

Priti took further training by traveling to USA to become a fully qualified Svaroopa® Yoga teacher and Embodyment Therapist. She gave up her work as an Occupational therapist in 2004 and works full time as a yoga teacher.

She began hosting teachers from USA to train other teachers and holds workshops at Lotus Yoga Centre. She still continues to travel to take further trainings in USA or takes part when the teachers come to Brisbane.

Priti has taken part in telephone discussions on philosophy, advanced teacher training in treating pain and various other courses so she can help her students. Through Svaroopa® yoga she continues to enlighten others with a steady hand, knowing smile and reassuring voice about the practice today.