Embodyment Yoga Therapy

embodymentEmbodyment® is a one-on-one healing therapy based on the principles of yoga using touch. It works in a powerful and replenishing way, addressing your body’s needs, enhancing your yoga practice and assisting you with any physical or emotional condition, developing a deep sense of well-being and awareness.

The Embodyment® yoga therapist brings awareness to key areas of your spine, those areas which are the tightest. It is a gentle yet powerful way of releasing tensions in those areas to facilitate deep changes in the body and mind. So it works in the same way as your Svaroopa® yoga class, however the effects of one Embodyment® session is equivalent to the results from 5 to 6 yoga classes.

All you have to do is RELAX!

Yoga Therapy will:

  • Enliven your body’s own natural healing response
  • Release deep tensions in your body
  • Deepen your yoga practice
  • Give deep relaxation

Pricing: $300 for 4 sessions, or $80 per individual session.

Schedule: Therapy sessions are by appointment.